Karen – Rosen and Yoga

Privacy Statement – May 2023

Karen – Rosen and Yoga is the trading name of Karen Sands
Information Commissioners Office Registration: ZB542392

Information Held

  • Enquiries from non customers – message, name and email address – received via my website or by email, instagram, whatsapp - held for up to a year, and used to answer query and follow up.
  • Mailing list – name and email address - populated by people registering on my website, or opting in on an enquiry form.  People completing a health declaration are added to the mailing list so they can be kept in touch with class information and Rosen Method information, but all mailings have an opt out link – indefinitely, but opt out link on each mailing.
  • Registration Forms & Health Forms completed by customers for yoga and clients for Rosen Method Bodywork - name, contact details and health information – completed via my website, sent via e-mail or completed in person - used for yoga class management and Rosen session management and held for at least seven years for insurance purposes.
  • Attendance Information – data collected via my website and in yoga classes / at Rosen sessions - used for class / Rosen sessions management, and held for at least seven years for insurance purposes.
  • Notes on classes and Rosen sessions - data collected following yoga classes / Rosen sessions - used for class and Rosen sessions management, and held for at least seven years for insurance purposes.
  • Emails – sent from clients and non clients.  Important messages are saved in my filing system, otherwise emails retained for up to two years.
  • Payment data, excluding card information which we do not receive at any time. Received via accounting and banking systems, and saved for at least seven years for accounting and tax obligations.
  • Website cookies are set automatically by our software.  We do not knowingly access these or pass to third parties.

Except where required by law, we do not share data with third parties or sell contact lists.

Information held by Karen – Rosen and Yoga is accessed by;

  • Karen
  • Contractors working on the IT systems for Karen – Rosen and Yoga
  • Data held on Yoga customers may be shared, on a need to know basis with other Yoga teachers at Karen – Rosen and Yoga when and if they are covering a class
  • Data held on Rosen clients is in part shared anonymously with Karen’s Supervisors for Rosen Method Bodywork. This may be discussing a clients specific response in a session but without referring to name or other identifying details.

For queries about Data Protection, please contact karen@karen-rosenandyoga.com